Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hello Again and Halloween Fabulous Freebie!

HI out there! Long time no-post! Hahaha....
Sorry it's been such a long while, but I've had a very busy beginning of the school year. When I returned to work at the end of August I learned that I would be full-time at a different school this year with almost an entirely new caseload! Needless to say I've spent the first six weeks or so building rapport with my new students, measuring their current performance levels, and beginning to target their objectives.

My caseload this year is a melting pot of speech-language disabilities. One area that I've discovered I need more materials for is main idea and details. I have several students who continue to struggle with this skill, so here is a new activity!

I've received some lovely feedback about my Camping Main Idea and Details activity, so I decided to make a Halloween Main Idea and Details activity. Since you've waited so long for an updated post from me, I also decided to make this activity a Fabulous Freebie!

Here's a peek at my game (if you have my Camping activity, it is exactly the same, except for the Halloween theme :-):

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!
Stay tuned for more posts coming soon....
Rebecca-SLP :-)