Sunday, June 16, 2013

Semantically Absurd Compound Sentence Treats FREEBIE

HI again!
I'm so sorry it's been a while since I posted...we've had some unexpected family events in the past few weeks that have kept me very busy (and not in a good way :-( .
Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our fundraiser for the Moore, OK SLPs...we raised a LOT of money for those well-deserving colleagues.

Since you've been so patient, and were SO generous for Moore, I have a Fabulous Freebie for you tonight!

My newest activity is a two-for-one. I wanted to get a lot of "bang for my buck", so I'm targeting both compound sentences and semantic absurdities at the same time! My activity is called Semantically Absurd Compound Sentence Treats. The object is simple: join two independent clauses (the second with the coordinating conjunction "so") to make some absurd compound sentences. There are many ways to use these cards (20 pairs, 40 cards total, with blanks to make your own) including:
1. have the client produce the compound sentence
2. have the client repair the semantic absurdity
3. have the client flip either a sentence beginning or ending, and generate the rest
4. have the client repeat the compound sentence (auditory working memory)
5. have the client fill-in the last few words (cloze)

Your imagination is the limit! Use with any board game or toy you have on hand, or just use the cards! Here's a peek at my activity:

Grab this Fabulous Freebie here!
Enjoy, and thanks for hanging in there!
Rebecca-SLP :-)


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