Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Helping Hands Sentences FREEBIE!

Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month!

Are you feeling stressed, tired, and overwhelmed at work right now? Yeah, me too. I probably won't be posting as much as usual in the next few weeks because I have SO many evaluations, IEPs, and reports that I am working on right now :-(

Feel like you need a helping hand with some easy therapy and homework ideas for your clients right now? Me too! That's why I created my Helping Hands Sentences activity. My Springtime Sentence Repetition for Auditory Working Memory Freebie has been a huge hit on TPT, so I thought I would make another sentence repetition freebie that could be used multiple ways. 

Here are five ideas that I have to do with this activity:

1. Sentence repetition: play the board game and have the student repeat each sentence verbatim.
2. Auditory Closure: play the board game, read each sentence, then repeat but leave off the last word for the student to fill in the blank.
3. Compound sentences: play the board game and have the student draw two cards per turn to combine with “and” on the mat.
4. Present, past, and future tense verbs: play the board game and have the student say the sentence in past, present, and future tense while moving the card along the mat (e.g., “Yesterday I washed the dishes”, “Today I am washing the dishes”, “Tomorrow I will wash the dishes”
5. Social inferencing: play the board game and ask the student how someone might feel if the student did that. 

I've included 40 4-8 word sentence cards, ten blank cards for creating your own, a past/present/future verb tense mat, an "and" mat, and a board game!
Here's a peek:

I purposely made this activity black-and-white so that we can all save on colored ink! Do you have any other ideas about how to use this? If so, please share :-) Find my Fabulous Freebie here.

Stay tuned for more towards the middle of the month, and thanks for reading Just Speechie SLP!
Rebecca-SLP :-)

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