Friday, April 12, 2013

Savings Makes Similes and Metaphors: A Figurative Language Game FREEBIE!

Hi Just Speechie SLP readers! I hope you're doing well :-)
Tonight, as promised on Facebook, I have another Fabulous Freebie for you!

At the school where I work, some students participate in a banking program called "Savings Makes Sense". I decided to make a fun little piggy bank game for figurative language, specifically similes and metaphors. We all know that figurative language can be difficult for our language impaired kiddos, as well as those with social cognition challenges, due to its non-literal nature. In order to use similes and metaphors, a student must have the ability to compare and contrast using defining attributes. This activity is a higher-level language concept that directly links to reading comprehension.

So, here's a peek at the game:

I'm giving you 48 simile and metaphor coins, piggy banks, a main bank, and directions. You can find this Fabulous Freebie here, and please don't forget to leave FEEDBACK :-)
Rebecca-SLP :-)


  1. Looks very fun!!! Also a great idea of taping the tokens to play coins! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you, what a great idea to use the Fisher Price toy, have to look for one now!

    1. You're welcome! Definitely get the piggy bank toy....especially great for AAC, or as a reinforcer!

  3. Thanks! This is cute.

  4. I find it really good, it's a great idea