Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Springtime Auditory Working Memory Complete Packet

Confession #6: I'm not trying to get rich off of you.

Happy (almost) spring everyone! Tomorrow marks the first day of spring, and it cannot come soon enough! We actually had a snow day today here in Mass, so visions of warm sunny days ahead are more than welcome :-)

Tonight's post is about a very big packet I have been working on for auditory working memory. I posted it to my TPT store last night, but I've been fighting with Picassa to make a picture collage, so I decided to just blog without the fancy collage pictures...I hope you will forgive me ;)

Many of my students are currently working on auditory memory skills. My springtime freebie was such a big hit, I decided to make myself a big kit to use with my students for the next few months, and I figured I would share it if others are interested. I debated whether or not I wanted to charge for this packet...to be honest, I didn't start this blog thinking I would make a business out of it. I know there are other SLPs (and grad students, if you can believe it!) that seem to be mass-producing packets for resale. I'm not sure I want to do that. That being said, I did spend a good amount of money on the clipart, and over 10 hours making this, so I finally agreed that it does seem honest to expect modest compensation for my work and materials.

So, if you liked my freebie, and want a bigger packet, please give it a try. I would love honest feedback regarding the value of this packet. Based on what others are selling their work for, I think I under-priced it a bit. That was purposeful because I want to know if you think it is worth it. Again, I'm not trying to get rich here! If you want to just visit for ideas and Fabulous Freebies, you're more than welcome!

My packet is 36 pages long, including 200 stimulus cards, 7 board games, and 4 visual auditory working memory strategy charts for: Number Memory, Word Memory, Auditory Closure, and Sentence Repetition/WH Questions.

Here's a peek at the packet and strategy boards:

 Here's a peek at some of the games and 200 cards:

I hope you like these adorable graphics from KPMDoodles as much as I did!
If you're interested in my pack , find it at my TPT store here.

Oh, and PLEASE, as always, leave feedback so I know if this will be useful to you!
PS- You may notice that I didn't add a watermark to the pictures above...that's because I trust you not to steal my work. You wouldn't do that, right? I wouldn't either :-) Happy Spring!

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